Carefully Chosen Mentors and Coaches Will Accelerate Your Performance

History has shown that most of the incredible comebacks and super achievements were accomplished by individuals, who were influenced by great mentors or coaches. These super achievers came from many different and diverse fields, such as business, art, science, politics and sports. Their great achievement was related to a common thread of either a mentor or coach, who supported and inspired them to remain motivated, to take daily action, stay on track and become great.When identifying the right coach or mentor, you could either employ a professional to assist you or you could look around you environment and discover an ideal mentor or coach. My experience has shown me that the most suitable mentors or coaches come from within your organisation or industry.Action Idea: When identifying the right coach or mentor, first know exactly what you want to achieve and ensure that you have a very clear, articulated and written down vision. Next create a crystal clear picture in your mind of exactly what you want from a mentor or coach. Write this down and then decide how much time you would need from your mentor or coach each week or month. Build a very concise written introduction that you can use when you approach either a mentor or coach with your proposal.Search around in your environment and see if there is anyone close to you who can mentor or coach you. If there is no one suitable, expand your search into your industry and beyond by using Google, LinkedIn and even Facebook, to research your prospective mentors or coaches. Once you identified the most suitable person, approach them with a very clear concept, describing your exact expectations and the amount of time you would need from them each week, month etc. In most cases, when you are really concise and you show that you know exactly what you are looking for, people are willing to assist.Identifying and utilising all the opportunities available to you, to get support from the right people around you, is one of the key ingredients to becoming and sustaining top performance. A long range study conducted over 40 years, by two researchers, Ruth Smith and Emily Werner, in Hawaii, attempted to answer the question “Why some people are motivated to overcome severe disadvantages, while others from similar backgrounds are overwhelmed by the same challenges”Their research showed that the people that persevered and pushed through until they overcame adversity possessed an interesting quality. They all had the ability to recognise potential sources of support in other people around them. They could look beyond the walls of their lives, where they discovered relatives, friends, teachers, coaches or mentors who could support and assist them. This very important result illustrates the incredible value found in identifying and forming mutually beneficial relationships with coaches or mentors.The secret to make a mentoring or coaching experience sustainable in the medium to long term is to ensure that the relationship always remains mutually beneficial. In the case of a professional coach or mentor, you would be paying for their services and so reaching a point of fair exchange is relatively easy. The challenge is to find a way to ensure that anyone from your organisation or industry, who is ideal to be your mentor or coach, always feels like there is a fair exchange, for the time they invest into you.Action Idea: Research your mentors and discover areas where they may require assistance with research or they have an interest. Do the research for them or send them information that would be of value to them relating to their area of interest. I have found this to be one of the best ways possible to sustain any really important mentoring or coaching relationships.A great coach or mentor is not only a source of valuable information and encouragement, but also offers you an additional correctional device or accountability partnership to help keep you on track. A good, well-chosen mentor or coach will assist you and help you remain inspired and driven to succeed, especially during the difficult or challenging times.Identifying and working with the right coaches and mentors is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Invest sufficient time to ensure that you are absolutely clear on your needs and expectations from them and then choose the people you want to work with very wisely. Your coach or mentor is there to support, encourage and guide you. So make sure that they are committed and have a vested interest in helping you.

The Perfect Humor Mentality

Here’s the fundamental truth of being humorous:You will never ever become a truly funny guy unless you view yourself as one.And whether you view yourself as a funny guy depends a lot on what you say to yourself on a daily basis. Words are mirrors. What you say to yourself not only reflects your mentality but also provides feedback to reinforce your own perception about yourself.The technical term is called autosuggestion.Your “humor identity” is also decided on many other factors, such as:- Your postures (upright or slouching)- Gestures (firm or fleeting)- Facial expressions (blank or lively)- The speed of your movement (purposeful or flustering)- Tonality (cadent vs. dry)..and so on.Don’t you agree?If you carefully study the behaviors of those funny guys, you’d notice that being humorous to them is not a show that they put up once in a while. To them, it is a way of life… they have already developed the mentality of being humorous, and that’s how they’re “naturally funny”.This concept is critical.I hope what you’ll do is to become a funny guy and make humor a part of you, instead of trying to act funny only when you think it is necessary.Of course, if you aren’t there yet, you should start with some specific techniques to get rid of fear of failures, rejections and frustration, etc. and keep yourself motivated.Here’s an example:Many sales people know about this common technique of staying motivated when interacting with clients. It goes like this:If you know your conversion rate is 5%, and what you’re trying to sell can bring a profit of $1000, every time you meet a potential client you should say to yourself, “Great, I’ve just earned $50 again!”You can apply the same strategy to make women laugh.Here’s an example:If you know you can make 1 out of 20 woman fall in love with you with your current humor, just say to yourself, “Thank you for helping me locate the right woman!”

Bad Credit Student Loans – Learn How to Qualify

The cost of getting an education in this country is going up with each passing semester. Tuition is skyrocketing and books are out-of-this-world expensive. But tuition and books are only the beginning of the list of expenses that today’s college student has.When you factor in housing, food, clothing, computer equipment, lab fees, and general living expenses, the student aid package or scholarship that you received may not be enough to adequately provide for you during the course of the school year. You may have taken out student loans, such as the Stafford loan or Perkins loan, but have found that you need even more cash. That is where the private student loan comes in.But for those with bad or poor credit, receiving a private student loan may seem like a far-off dream. On the contrary, there are lending agencies that specialize in providing loans to student borrowers with less-than-perfect credit files. This type of loan is known as the bad credit student loan, and you might qualify.Money For Living ExpensesA bad credit student loan is designed to take up where traditional funding falls flat. Bad credit student loans can be used for any expenses you might have during college that you can not meet with your financial aid award, scholarships, or government-guaranteed loans.The application for the bad credit student loan will ask you for general information about your studies and anticipated graduation date. It is important to borrow only what you need. Your loan servicer can help you decide how much to ask for if you are unsure.Co-Signer Improves Chances of ApprovalSome bad credit student loan lenders will ask for co-signer to apply with you on the loan application. The co-signer does not have to be a parent; a friend, relative, or other person who trusts you to repay can be your co-signer. The co-signer is basically agreeing to pay your loan should you default on repayment after graduation.You can borrow amounts ranging from $500 up to several thousand per semester. You may chose to have your payments split up over the school year, or get your money in one lump sum.Online Lenders = Big SavingsThere are many fine online lending institutions that offer bad credit student loans. The application is completed online via the Internet, and the money can either be deposited electronically into your checking account or mailed in a paper check to your address.You can also track and manage your bad credit student loan online, which means you will have easy access to account information at your fingertips. Because online bad credit student loan lenders have lots of competition, the rates and interest that they charge to service your loan may be significantly less than those that you might pay at a traditional bank – without the discerning eye of the stiff banker or loan officer.This kind of loan offers the student an opportunity to get additional funding so that they can continue their education without the worry of having enough money for living expenses. This enables the student to concentrate more fully on their education – which can lead to a better experience during college.

Breast Cancer – 101

The cancer is a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably invading near by tissue and spreading to other parts of the body via blood stream or lymphatic system.Similarly, in breast cancer, a single cell begins to divide and grow abnormally. This is the most common kind of cancer in women. Besides being women, age is the other important factor for developing breast cancer.
The breast is made up of lobes and ducts. Each breast has 15 to 20 sections called lobes, which have many smaller sections called lobules. Lobules end in dozens of tiny bulbs that can produce milk. The lobes, lobules, and bulbs are linked by thin tubes called ducts.The breast cancer is classified into:-Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)-Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)-Inflammatory breast cancer-Recurrent breast cancerThe most common type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma, which begins in the cells of the ducts. Cancer that begins in the lobes or lobules is called lobular carcinoma and is more often found in both breasts than are other types of breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is an uncommon type of breast cancer in which the breast is warm, red, and swollen. Recurrent breast cancer that has come back after it has been treated.
Early detection through regular breast self-exams and a regular program of mammogram and physical exams show excellent results in curing it. Breast self exam is the process developed by the American cancer society for women to examine the breasts monthly. This process can reveal breast problem. Any swelling or unusual lumps or hardness in the breast is the indication of breast disease and a reason to rush to your doctor.There are various factors, which increases the chance of getting disease as a breast cancer. Like:1) Older age2) A mother or sister with breast cancer.3) Drinking alcoholic beverages.4) Being white.5) Treatment with radiation therapy to the breast/chest.Women who have an altered gene related to breast cancer and who have had breast cancer in one breast have an increased risk of developing breast cancer in the other breast. These women also have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer, and may have an increased risk of developing other cancers.Tests related to detect and diagnose breast cancer are:1) Mammogram – In which X ray is done of the breast.2) Biopsy – The removal of cells or tissues so they can be viewed under a microscope by a pathologist to check for signs of cancer. If a lump in the breast is found, the doctor may need to cut out a small piece of the lump.3) Estrogen and progesterone receptor test: A test to measure the amount of estrogen and progesterone (hormones) receptors in cancer tissue. If cancer is found in the breast, tissue from the tumor is examined in the laboratory to find out whether estrogen and progesterone could affect the way cancer grows. The test results show whether hormone therapy may stop the cancer from growing.There are different 4 types of treatment option for breast cancer patients:1) Surgery- Most patients with breast cancer have surgery to remove the cancer from the breast.2) Radiation therapy – Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high-energy x-rays or other types of radiation to kill cancer cells.3) Chemotherapy -Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells, either by killing the cells or by stopping the cells from dividing.4) Hormone therapy – Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment that removes hormones or blocks their action and stops cancer cells from growing. Hormones are substances produced by glands in the body and circulated in the bloodstream.