The Perfect Humor Mentality

Here’s the fundamental truth of being humorous:You will never ever become a truly funny guy unless you view yourself as one.And whether you view yourself as a funny guy depends a lot on what you say to yourself on a daily basis. Words are mirrors. What you say to yourself not only reflects your mentality but also provides feedback to reinforce your own perception about yourself.The technical term is called autosuggestion.Your “humor identity” is also decided on many other factors, such as:- Your postures (upright or slouching)- Gestures (firm or fleeting)- Facial expressions (blank or lively)- The speed of your movement (purposeful or flustering)- Tonality (cadent vs. dry)..and so on.Don’t you agree?If you carefully study the behaviors of those funny guys, you’d notice that being humorous to them is not a show that they put up once in a while. To them, it is a way of life… they have already developed the mentality of being humorous, and that’s how they’re “naturally funny”.This concept is critical.I hope what you’ll do is to become a funny guy and make humor a part of you, instead of trying to act funny only when you think it is necessary.Of course, if you aren’t there yet, you should start with some specific techniques to get rid of fear of failures, rejections and frustration, etc. and keep yourself motivated.Here’s an example:Many sales people know about this common technique of staying motivated when interacting with clients. It goes like this:If you know your conversion rate is 5%, and what you’re trying to sell can bring a profit of $1000, every time you meet a potential client you should say to yourself, “Great, I’ve just earned $50 again!”You can apply the same strategy to make women laugh.Here’s an example:If you know you can make 1 out of 20 woman fall in love with you with your current humor, just say to yourself, “Thank you for helping me locate the right woman!”

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